really flexible federated social media!

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with current leading federated social media!

Kroeg is compatible with other federated software like Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, and PeerTube, and can easily replicate any of their behaviors. It will even be able to copy over your messages, so other servers won't even notice you migrated!


it can do it all!

The infrastructure of Kroeg allows for a variety of frontends to be built. One server can be combined with multiple frontends, so you can chat with your friends, and then browse your pictures in style!


VERY fast server running at incredible hihg speed

All the code in Kroeg is artisanally written in Rust, and as such already has a speed boost compared to other interpreted languages. Work is being done to make the database asynchronous, so it will be able to scale to large servers easily!

How to help


Currently, Puck is the only dev on this project. And there's a lot of work to be done. So, if you have the skills to install rust nightly and would help fixing the code up, or maybe you want to build the frontend, don't hesitate to contact the #kroeg IRC channel on Freenode!

Open source

free like free beer- oh wait

The code behind Kroeg is open source, so anyone can make use of it and change it to their own needs. Want to add a company specific login system? feel free!

Find the code here - building it right now is involved and I wouldn't suggest running it on any production systems as of now, but the goal is that one command installs everything that is required!