Who am I?

Hi and welcome to my (mostly techy) blog! I am 17, and like almost everything to do with tech (mostly low-level - the real nerdy stuff, of course!) I have worked on a few open source projects, like:

  • Haiku - an open source BeOS-compatible OS
  • KnightOS - an open source multitasking OS for the TI-84

I also have a few apps in the Apple App Store, like CatStacker and my first app, the TableTrainer.

I’ve spoken at a number of conferences including TEDxDelft, TEDxYouth, the Next Web Conference, WebSummit and SIME. In 2014 VPRO broadcast a documentary about my life as a young coder.

I have also won a few awards:

  • I was Google Code-in 2013 and 2014 Grand Prize winner
  • I was Apple Design Award winner in 2013
  • I was named Internet Hero 2011 by BNN, a Dutch TV station

You can find me:

Or you can contact me via email, at puck@puckipedia.com!