hacker teen puck 👩‍💻

did some work on Kroeg, started reimplementing the Mastodon API again. current TODOs:

1. Implement API fully
2. Add smol cache to avoid a ton of requests that all 404 immediately constantly
3. mmmmaybe move the webfinger code into its own crate?
4. sharedInbox. implement it.
5. move back to a triple store

but, i did do some useful work today, imo :)

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hacker teen puck 👩‍💻

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update a month later:
1. still working on it, but it's getting there!
2. nope
3. webfinger code has been moved, running kroeg without it is easily viable :3
4. sharedInbox also exists now!
5. triple store happening occured a few days ago!

i'm also now finally working on tests, so i can be certain that the handlers for incoming messages aren't broken! then i'll start testing the rest

it's definitely not 4am, it just looks like it

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