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fun fact:
if you run recent Pleroma, your server's MAC address is now permanently embedded in every post

fun fact 2:
two people run their Pleroma instance on a Xensource VM, six instances are hosted on a raspi, and there are three cases of two instances sharing the same MAC address :)


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@puckipedia it does not matter as long as it's differnt databases.

And whats the issue with Xensource ?

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@href XenSource was a random example. I could as well have used VMWare, or this one person running an instance on an ASUS machine. But the point is, this is a really cheap way of deanonymizing instances, linking them to persistent hardware identifiers. I wouldn't be surprised if, say, Dell, had a map of MAC addresses to other hardware identifiers, allowing someone to track a server down to who bought it. And if you were running a Pleroma instance over Tor, leaking any information about the server it's running on is A Bad Thing