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Hi! If you've found this, I congratulate you. This isn't the most obvious place in the web, but I call it my home :)

Who am I?

I'm Puck, 19 years old, and I take an interest in weird old stuff. At the same time, I try to keep these "in the loop" with more modern stuff. This page is my interpretation of this combination of technologies.

My projects

My core project right now is Kroeg, a modern (Rust! Fast!) ActivityPub server. It allows you to talk to everyone in the fediverse! In fact, this whole site is running on top of a slightly modified Kroeg, just to show how powerful it is :)

For the main page for Kroeg, look at this page (though it probably won't look that great on the older systems~)

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anyways i guess i'll be waiting until next thursday january 18th, which is ... 2024. :S

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timezones are hard apparently

a package claiming to be delivered on thursday, january 18th
the same package claiming it will be delivered yesterday
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@kaniini What happens exactly is unspecified. But general rules are: if it's the follower collection, then anyone who has that user in their following is considered valid (following sharedInbox rules). In other cases, anyone who got the object in their inbox counts. It's unspecified whether access control changes when the collections change. I consider it mostly not the case, but that's primarily because of Kroeg's infrastructure.

If you post using a collection on another instance, that instance (when it receives the activity, and it's related to that instance's objects e.g. inReplyTo) is required to relay it to those collections.

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@kaniini you never deliver to collections, only actors have inboxes. So you never deliver to ``. It follows by saying "If a recipient is a Collection or OrderedCollection, then the server MUST dereference the collection (with the user's credentials) and discover inboxes for each item in the collection."

so no. it's not a violation.

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