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an end-to-end encrypted communication system

project: kroeg

A decentral, scalable, generic ActivityPub server written in hand-crafted artisanal Rust. Can be easily extended to support any extensions, and even implement other JSON-LD based protocols.

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how much code to support polls in Kroeg? Zero. And like five lines of code in the frontend so i can view them. :) need to look at how to answer but that'll be trivial too


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@cwebber a daemon for my e2e encrypted transport thing, to allow easy implementation of protocols without being able to make it "insecure" accidentally!


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aaand i almost have a full working daemon, which ensures that most users can just ignore how the crypto works, and use a single session.

Share invites from your chat app, and then use another app to sync documents without having to reauthenticate :)


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