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Hi! If you've found this, I congratulate you. This isn't the most obvious place in the web, but I call it my home :)

Who am I?

I'm Puck, 19 years old, and I take an interest in weird old stuff. At the same time, I try to keep these "in the loop" with more modern stuff. This page is my interpretation of this combination of technologies.

My projects

My core project right now is Kroeg, a modern (Rust! Fast!) ActivityPub server. It allows you to talk to everyone in the fediverse! In fact, this whole site is running on top of a slightly modified Kroeg, just to show how powerful it is :)

For the main page for Kroeg, look at this page (though it probably won't look that great on the older systems~)

Recent toots

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hacker teen puck


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@cwebber a daemon for my e2e encrypted transport thing, to allow easy implementation of protocols without being able to make it "insecure" accidentally!

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aaand i almost have a full working daemon, which ensures that most users can just ignore how the crypto works, and use a single session.

Share invites from your chat app, and then use another app to sync documents without having to reauthenticate :)

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Sheriff of Nottingham

roses are red
violets are blue
$250 fine

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@qyliss the part of Git federation that interests me isn't synchronizing the actual git repo, but having e.g. pull requests and issues that don't require registration on every single git hoster if you want to open them. I think there's a project that hides this inside the git repo in such a way that anyone could push?

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